• Trend Following With Managed Futures. The Search For Crisis Alpha
  • Trend Following With Managed Futures. The Search For Crisis Alpha

Trend Following With Managed Futures. The Search For Crisis Alpha

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An all-inclusive guide to trend following As more and more savvy investors move into the space, trend following has become one of the most popular investment strategies

The book also includes in-depth coverage of more advanced technical aspects of systematic trend following

The book examines relevant topics such as Trend following as an alternative asset class Benchmarking and factor decomposition Applications for trend following in an investment portfolio And many more By focusing on the investor perspective, Trend Following with Managed Futures is a groundbreaking and invaluable resource for anyone interested in modern systematic trend following.

Written for investors and investment managers, Trend Following with Managed Futures offers an insightful overview of both the basics and theoretical foundations for trend following

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